Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Back Yard Adventures

One of my favorite summer time hobbies is puttering around in my back yard. While it is not a very large yard at all, I try to make the most of the space I do have by incorporating a variety of typical lawn and garden things. With a, albiet small, shrub wall in the back and a great little area on the deck by the middle of the summer there is usually something for everyone who comes over to talk about.

One of the things most of my friends comment on is my pond. The year before last I decided to move a preformed pond into the back yard and while I was able to learn a lot of things during the time I never got it to look quite right. Hopefully this year I will be able to clean out the area properly and *crosses fingers* keep it weed free from here on out.

Unfortunately for me, the end of last summer was a very time consuming period and my hobby area suffered as a result. I did think ahead though and have some pictures I will be adding in the next day or so of how my yard is starting out. My hope is to give weekly or time permitting bi-weekly updates on both how my yard is doing and any adventures I may have while working in it.

Of course I should mention the other big factor in getting my back yard under control. My wife is currently pregnant with a due date in June, so not only will she be home much more this summer but there will be another little one who can enjoy the favorite summer time gathering place.

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