Saturday, May 1, 2010

Attention all units, we have a plant down!

The last week has seen some rather strong winds blowing through the back yard, and unfortunately not all of the plants were ready to withstand it. One of the bell pepper plants could not stand against the mighty wind.

Seems the wind was strong enough to more or less snap the poor thing right at the base. I had hoped that it would recover but it looks like that will not be happening. Guess I will need to replace this guy with another one tomorrow.

And some rather happy news, some last minute pole beans have been sighted breaking ground. My daughter got a couple small packs of the beans when she attended the Easter Day event at the White House earlier this year.

While I was out back I snapped off a few random pictures and ended up with one that does very nicely as a wallpaper. Which got me thinking about adding an entire wallpaper section in the future. For now though, here is the original which might kick start something else shortly :P

It works rather well with a multiple monitor setup as well since the sides seem to blend a bit. Taken by setting my digi to closeup mode and just placing the camera near the ground pointed up slightly.

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  1. The winds in the Northeast have been treacherous as well. Young plants have had issues staying "grounded" here as well!! LOL