Monday, April 11, 2011

12 Ways to Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Spring is here in case you missed it, I know if I look out my window right now all this rain and cold weather certainly makes it hard to remember. Nonetheless it is here, and we should start getting ready for all the wonderful things to come. And while we are out there preparing soil, oiling clippers or installing ponds lets try not to forget our little winged comrades. The Birds!

While having a bird feeder is a quick and easy way to attract birds to your area. There are some very other easy ways that you can bring those winged music boxes of nature to your little retreat from the world. For those of you with veggie or herb gardens attracting more birds can also help keep insect populations under control as the new

Below I have compiled 12 of the best ideas and tricks from around the web for enticing birds to visit your yard.

  • Let flowers go to seed before removing them, birds will eat the seeds they drop, this will save you money in bird seed while improving the over all health of your yard at the same time.
  • Consider planting more fruit and berry plants than you require, this will allow you to share some the of extra with birds that come by your yard.
  • Instead of wooden or chain link fence, a shrub hedge will provide both a pleasing look for your yard as well as welcoming shelter for birds.
  • Adding some evergreen trees and shrubs will provide birds a place to shelter and nest during winter months, while keeping some green in your yard at the same time.
  • Thorny plants are especially attractive to birds as they provide both shelter and protection from predators.
  • Layering shrubs and trees allows for different varieties of birds to co-exist in your yard. When possible try and combine plants that grow to multiple heights.
  • Try to avoid cleaning up every nook and cranny of your yard. Leaving some piles of leaves and grass clippings will give birds a place to forage for insects.
  • Bird houses can be a great way to bring in your winged friends, provide them a place of safety and shelter to raise their young and possibly teach your own family about the wonders of life and nature. Unless you want to attract a specific bird species consider any bird house from your local home and garden store. Some birds have very specific requirements for housing though so you may need to research if you want a certain type of bird to feel at home.
  • Bird baths are a great way to bring birds to your yard. Be sure to locate them near some type of perch as wet birds tend not to fly very well. Trees with low hanging branches work best. Ideally a bird bath should be bowl shaped so it provides various depths of water.
  • While bird baths are one way to introduce a water source to your yard, also think about adding a pond. Ponds provide a permanent source of water while allowing you to introduce more varieties of flowers and plants. As an added bonus the pond area will also bring more insects for the birds to eat. Ponds also have the potential to bring in more exotic bird species that might otherwise pass up your yard, King Fishers for instance will love you immensely for adding a pond filled with plants and fish.
  • Feeders will bring in a variety of birds as well, birds universally love Sunflower seed kernels so they make an excellent place to start. Most large home and garden stores will also keep hummingbird feeders and food in stock, while only attracting one specific type of bird, I have found that children are absolutely fascinated by those little speedy guys.
  • Plant a garden! Birds love to dig for worms and other insects and having a patch of lose dirt will bring them in by the dozens. Not only will you be attracting them they will also help you keep unwanted pests from nibbling on your vegetables. 

The following list of plants that all do well at attracting birds of various species, please consult your local garden supply store for varieties that will do well in your climate.

Bayberry, blackberry, beech, birch trees, cherries, dogwoods, elderberry, fir trees, hackberry, hickory, holly, maple, mountain ash, oak, pines, red cedar, red mulberry, serviceberry, spruce, viburnum shrubs, sumac, Virginia creeper, wax myrtle shrubs, wild strawberry, winterberry.


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