Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear Warm Weather...

Warm weather, please hurry up and get here. Thanks from all the flowers and veggies I want to start planting.

Nothing worse than waiting for that last little bit of winter that wants to linger around and threaten young plantings is there? I have gotten the pond in, and am ready to start the veggie garden any day now, however the nights still get chilly and I am worried there is going to be one final cold snap. You know the one the weather man says is *not* going to come but does anyway? Think I will wait another week before I put anything in the ground just to be on the safe side.

On the pond front the main body is in I just cannot decide on where I want the water fall to be... I kind of liked the raised box I made in our previous yard so I am thinking of redoing that. Made a little mistake when I first dug the hole and dug just a little to far, fixing that meant completely draining the pond and adding some dirt under it then refilling it. But it does look much better now. Off tomorrow so I think I will finalize the water fall and start breaking ground for the veggie garden next week... So much to do, but that's why I love it ♥

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